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BrainMax is a game designed with Muse sensing headband. The game is designed to help the players get into a meditative state and stay there by use of visual stimulus. This project was developed in a team of nine, three programmers, three producers and three artist.


The challenge in this project was reading the signals from Muse headband. We read the signals through a program called Eeger that read the brain waves for us. The software was designed to send signals to other programs through ports. It was my job to read those signals, deserialize them and use them to adjust the score of the game and how the player character would fly. 


During the game, the player will have to enter a focused state to achieve a higher score. The player character will start out swaying from side to side which means it will be hit by ostacles. As the player enters a focused state, the player character will move to the center of the screen; thus, avoiding the obstacles. The level will also become more appealing to look it and the music will change as the player keeps up the fcoused state.  

January 2016 - Present

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