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Child No More

Child No More is a 3D story-driven adventure game, that explores the perspective of a young girl being shaped and molded by her experiences. To further enhance the idea of lack of control - the player does not have control over the protagonist. The player ensures her safety of both body and mind, as Arya is ultimately the sum of her experiences the player will help define. The game focuses on the perspective of the non-hero, the victimized protagonist struggling to survive in an unforgiving world.


During this project, I was in charge of developing the enemy AI including pathfinding, sensing, attacking, and patroling. The soldiers also have their own personality types that affect how they react to certain situations. I was also tasked with developing all interactions the player has with the enemy AI including death, trap setting, stunning, distraction, and scouting. The game is being made in the Unreal 4 game engine. 

January 2016 - Present

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