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USF BEST Project

The Bulls Engineering Success Training (BEST) program provides selected undergraduate students in the College of Engineering an interdisciplinary industry-based capstone design experience. A BEST team of six students will complete an industrycontributed project in two semesters and will earn 6 credit hours. The BEST program will prepare students for their first job in industry and enable them to hit the ground running. All BEST students are supervised by a College of Engineering faculty member and mentored by an industry partner.


I worked with CAE to design a system to stream live video over Ethernet at 1080p 60fps. No artifacts created during stream and a minimal latency of 30 milliseconds. Client computer creates the simulation and send it using our program to the other server. The server is then free to perform computer vision techniques like tracking. Project was written in C++.










Fall 2013 – Spring 2014​

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